Holy Infinity

       I think I've mentioned my love for any indie composition that knows how to incorporate some brass into their instrumentation and, with a trumpet confidently offering its support throughout, I can't get enough of GOV's latest single. 
       Josiah Birrell's latest lo-fi indie dream pop single is filled with a haunting and emotional composition, solid vocals, a steady back-beat that stubbornly carries the song forward, and heartbreaking lyrics; and I am so very addicted. 
       Softly played chords supported by a steady trumpet open the song up to the feeling of a lonely, hazy night, and an opening line which states "I once was a dead man, six feet below the ground, cancer was found, through my body, and my blood, and in my bones" pulls you in at once. That ever swirling melody, with its patient and steady back-beat, offers a stage for honest lyrics "I tried to find my way, but you never called me back" and "I can't have fought and won, just love and leave" and, by the time it reaches its chilling end, I am already set to replay this gorgeously sad song. 
       Look for more music coming from GOVS in the next few months and be prepared to buy his next EP when it's released in early 2014.
"Holy Infinity" GOVS

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Halloween Playlist

       I love Halloween, a lot, and while this playlist is shortened from my own and has some duplicates from last year (missing classics like "Time Warp" and, the always expected, "Thriller", and repeating awesome songs like "House of Wolves" and "You Raised a Vampire"), it's still stuffed full of great music that's perfect for the holiday.
"Blood Red" The Maine
"Venus In Fleurs" Grimes
"Creature Feature" Sensual Harassment
"Hysteria" Muse
"Killin' It" Foxy Shazam
"Rotten to the Core" The Builders and The Butchers
"Infinitesimal" Mother Mother
"If Looks Could Kill" Camera Obscura
"All the Cool Girls Are Dead" The Pink Spiders
"Afraid" The Neighbourhood
"Reno" Gods of Macho
"Monster" Skillet
"Hammerhead" The Offspring
"Snake Devil" Scary Kids Scaring Kids
"Amen" New Medicine
"You Raised a Vampire" The Moog
"Invaders Must Die" The Prodigy
"Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)" The Wombats
"Midnight Show" The Killers
"House of Wolves" My Chemical Romance
"She Scares Me" Dubkiller (click this link for a free download; it's not in the YouTube playlist [this is the instrumental; get the version with Mark Victor and RockMafia here. Both versions are free])
       Happy Halloween!

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Bang Bang Bang/C'mon Man You're Dead

         Sahara Beck's new album comes out today and I'm super excited for you guys to hear how great it is.
      Check out the first review of the album here (that still makes me so happy to say), listen to two of her previously released singles below, and head over to iTunes to grab your copy of You Could Be Happy now (I would recommend listening to "Mary Jane" on repeat, but that's just me).
"Bang Bang Bang"
"C'mon Man You're Dead"

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       I don't have much to say about this song other than it only makes me love Australia's music that much more and that the music video is completely amazing (seriously, the guy who uses nunchucks as make-shift drum sticks is awesome).
       If you're dragging yourself out of bed for an early morning class (because you seem to have selective amnesia every time you sign up for classes and keep ending up with the earliest possible), turn this all the way up; it works wonders.
"Riot" Velociraptor

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Creature Feature

         Sensual Harassment has a new video out for Halloween and, if you're just as excited for the holiday as I am, you're going to want to check it out.        
       The track is heavily influenced by elements of horror music, with a low bass, steady rhythm, and a trilling melody and, with a sound that's both eerie and easy to dance to, you're going to want to add it to your Halloween playlist.          
       Get the song for free when you like it on Facebook or tweet about it and watch the video below; the video's awesome because, rather than gathering the top scenes from horror classics, it's filled with lesser known horror films from back when (i.e. less slasher, more horror, and just good).       
       Head to the websites below to check out more music from the band and start getting excited for their up-coming album which should be released early next year. 
"Creature Feature" Sensual Harassment 

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Fire to Myself

       Normally, I don't go for anything that features a lead singer who isn't playing an instrument, but I'll make an exception for vocals like this.
       Hailing from Missouri, alternative singer/songwriter Al'Michael presents us with a great first single off his upcoming debut EP Head VS Heart (to be released January 2014).
       The composition features acoustic tracks intermixed with electronic tracks and an ever constant back beat that solidly places both feet in the pop genre. With his rich, soulful vocals added to a pop instrumentation which we have far too long associated with weak vocals and sugary lyrics, Al'Michael's single, "Fire to Myself", offers a new outlook on the pop genre.
       Honest lyrics state "the moon and the stars and the sky, seem more touchable to me than you are", "I stay awake at night, talking to my mind" and "I barely understand myself, do you know what that feels like when happiness is loneliness, 'cause that's the only thing that feels right" with a chorus that blatantly admits "I don't want to live this way anymore" while an electric guitar, solid back beats, and a simple piano melody seamlessly come together to create a composition that just feels right. An unabashedly emotional ending that features the repetition of "catch me if I fall" fading out to that simple piano melody overlaid with "I don't wanna be this way, I want things to change" before coming to an abrupt end has me excited to see what Al'Michael comes out with next.
       You can grab this single and another single, "Where Were You", on iTunes now.
"Fire to Myself" Al'Michael

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Die For Something Beautiful

       When I saw that this band's self-described genre included the phrase "fashion art" I began to worry (not that I have anything against fashion, it's just that I prefer boots and jeans or flats and skirts; keep it simple), but I am oh so pleasantly surprised. 
       The slowly building melody that leads you in is nice, but the song didn't hold anything unique until around that 0:20 mark when those vocals came in (have I mentioned how much I really like scratchy vocals? Let me just reiterate myself in case you're new here: I fucking love soft, scratchy vocals. I don't care what you say, just say it in that voice). Add in that wonderful piano melody (the best instrument, of course) that starts around the same time as the vocals, an evenly paced drum beat that tells you how to move, and the bands fantastic use of discordance during the bridge at 2:57 that only highlights the gorgeous resolution that comes around with the return of the chorus and those final notes which rise and fall before fading out, and I'm addicted before I've even begun to listen to the lyrics.
       Of course, a band with a composition that amazing is going to have awesome writing skills to go with it, so perfect lines like "you'll never find all the things you want...they will haunt you", "crawl on your knees, you might survive...you delay the things you know you hide", and "every time I see your face at night, moving slowly through the wanted lights, watermarks illuminate your eyes, every time I see them make me want to cry" don't even surprise me; I just want to keep listening.
       I'm legitimately upset that I've been missing out on a band this amazing for so long, because every one of their songs is just as fantastic as their last.
       These guys already have their strong fan base and amazing music, so just start falling for their music now and don't fight it, because they're only going to grow more successful. Get their EP, The Ends Beginning, on iTunes now.
"Die For Something Beautiful" Palaye Royale
- E
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